EMC CLARiiON Basics – Service LAN Connectivity

Brian at Going Virtual had a great post recently on connecting to the CLARiiON via serial cable. I was all set to do a brief howto article on the various connection mechanisms available on the CLARiiON for service activities and then figured out that the bulk of the work was done. So I thought I’d just add a note that, if you want to connect to the CLARiiON’s service LAN, here’s what you need to do. This is more for my reference, as I always find myself scratching around for the service LAN IP addresses.

Connect your laptop (via crossover cable) to SP Service LAN port.

Set your TCP/IP network properties to the following:

IP address – or

Subnet mask –

Default gateway – blank

DNS server entries – blank

Note that the Service LAN ports on CX4 are no longer crossed as they were on CX3 series storage systems. When you connect to SPA’s LAN port, you are connected to SPA, and the same for SPB.

You can then connect to either SP thusly: