EMC announces ViPR 2.0

There’s a bunch of stuff being announced at EMC World this week. But there’re also plenty of people who are actually at the event and getting paid to tell you about that stuff. I’m no tech reporter, but I thought the “software-defined-curious” amongst you might be interested in a little coverage of EMC‘s ViPR 2.0 announcement.

Here’re the rough highlights, including some pictures:

1. ViPR 2.0 now supports third-party commodity hardware support (HP SL4540 certified at launch, with more to follow)


2. It also has improved native array support, including:


There’s also additional array support via OpenStack.

Ÿ3. ViPR Block delivered by ScaleIO:

  • ŸManaged by the ViPR controller in a similar fashion to other ViPR data services.
  • ŸCreate virtual pools of storage with varying performance tiers.
  • ŸCreates a server-based SAN from local storage to deliver performance and capacity on demand
  • Scales to 1000s of nodes

Mark has a nice write-up here, while Chad has his own special take on why this is a big deal.