CLARiiON Hot Spare Rebuild Progress and naviseccli

We’re upgrading our CX4-960s to FLARE 30 tonight and, after a slew (a slew being aproximately equal to 4) of disk failures and replacements over the last few weeks, we’re still waiting for one of the SATA-II disks to rebuild. Fortunately, EMC has a handy knowledge base article entitled “What is a CLARiiON proactive hot spare?”, which talks about how to go about using proactive hot spares on the CLARiiON. You can find it on Powerlink as emc150779. The side benefit of this article is that it provides details on how to query the rebuild status of hot spare disks and the RAID groups they’re sparing for.

Using naviseccli, you can get the rebuild state of the disk thusly:

I:\>naviseccli -h SP_IP_address -user username -scope 0 getdisk 3_4_3 -state -rb

Enter password:

Bus 3 Enclosure 4 Disk 3

State: Equalizing

Prct Rebuilt: 241: 100 820: 100 7056: 100 275: 100 7460: 100 7462: 100 321: 100 341: 100 270: 100 250: 32

In this case, I wanted to query the status of the disk in Bus 3 / Enclosure 4 / Disk 3. As you can see from the above example – LUN 250 is at 32%. You can also see the status of the rebuild by looking at the properties of the LUN that is being equalized.

So we should be done in time for the code upgrade. I’ll let you know how that works out for us.

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