Cisco MDS blades are being returned …

I was going to write a long and angsty post about how I think Cisco should be publicly villified for their continued publication of specs that don’t add up, but I’ll leave that to analysts who know more about such things than I do. I’m sure a lot of our issues arise from the fact that our procurement guy asks the vendor for a number of ports and then buys them, rather than checking with the technical guys. Suffice to say that we’re sending 4 48-port blades back because, well, if we wanted to run the ports at 4Gbps we’d have to disable 24 of the 48 ports. Hey Cisco, 2005 called and they want their shitty bandwidth back. I’m sure these blades are great for hosting providers who promise a lot and count on oversubscription to get by with less but it doesn’t work for us.


  1. I assume these are gen 2 cards with correct sup. I think many people are under the impression that since there are 24 or 48 ports that they all can run at line rate sustained. That is misleading obviously. I think the thing that Cisco is banking on is the fact that it’s doubtful that all 24 or 48 ports would be running at line rate sustained. Cisco’s fine print says that a 48-port card is 4:1 over-subscribed at 4Gb. They say that if you have certain ports that need dedicated bandwidth to give those ports more credits.

    Take a look at the following wp.

  2. Hi Dave, yep all gen 2 and correct sup combo. And I understand Cisco’s thinking as far as oversubscription – I’m just angsty because we want dedicated on every port. For me the issue is more that sales droids are going around touting these as 8Gbps cards because of the GBIC speeds, when obviously that’s not really the case. That’s not necessarily Cisco’s problem, because I’m sure they inform their channel what these things can do. But it feels like every time we go to buy line cards it takes a lot of digging to get to the real speed of these things rather than the one that’s being marketed. In my next job these type of cards may be appropriate, but not in the environment I’m currently working in. Thanks again for the wp link too. Cheers

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