Cisco MDS 9XXX Basics – Part 4

Creating port-channels between Core – Edge … I had this blog post in my drafts section for a week, and then Scott Lowe – bless his cotton socks – beat me to it with a typically well-written post on ostensibly the same topic. So I’ll point you to his post, because it gets the idea across in a coherent fashion. I’ll make an effort, however, to get some more interesting switch config articles about before the Christmas break.


  1. The GUI Port Channel wizard is much easier and syncs both ends of the channel creation. It’s recommended. We teach all this stuff on the ICSNS class

  2. Sorry about that! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I’d still love to see your post on port-channels, though—you might present the information in a different way that is still very useful.

    Thanks for the link though!

  3. It’s no problem Scott! I ditched a SIOC post for the same reason – but it just means I need to procrastinate less :)

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